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Understanding Your Leather Upholstery

Leathers are not all the same. The way they have been finished alters how they feel, the absorbency rate of soiling, colourfastness and at times the need for different care products. Leather is a natural material with pores and hair follicles, similar to our own skin. All leathers are artificially coloured and while a pigmented, top coated leather is less porous than a pure aniline or nubuck, they are all still porous allowing the leather to breathe for your comfort. Leather will absorb soiling which, if not removed regularly will cause premature wear and discolouration. If you are on regular medication refer to the medication heading under “Tips on Care” on back page.

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Common Leather Finishes

All good quality upholstery, footwear & accessory leathers are cured (tanned) and then dyed right through. It is from this base that tanners then finish leathers in various ways to create different colours, softness and special effects. Some of these special effects are visual and others are to create leathers with different wear characteristics for varying types of use, ie heavily pigmented leathers for heavy soiling and heavy loadings to very soft open leathers for areas of low soiling and lighter wear situations.

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